Pandora X Limited is a software development and IT company with offices in both the UK and Turkey. We have a development team located in Turkey with extensiveness knowledge in various areas of software. We design and build new custom software applications that solve the toughest problems, fitting seamlessly into a businesses current processes and systems, and produce measurable results for our clients. Our UK team work with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction and also provide IT Support Services to our client base. Pandora X Ltd currently employs 12 people within their Turkey and England offices.


We deliver quality application development for web and mobile platforms to drive customer satisfaction along with cost advantages. Along with solution programming. we cater designing and consulting services to diversified industry domains and business areas. We execute any of your projects up to your satisfaction level from a mere concept to the final solution.


Pandora X software studio is excellent in IT software development and integration. Our experts evolve bespoke solutions for versatile industry domains to address their specific business needs. We offer technological consultancy to clients by suggesting them preferable platform. We offer effective project execution that starts from software conceptualization to implementation.


Our IT specialists create convenient software to help you optimize workflow, analyze healthcare data and enable reimbursable remote care, all wrapped up in an intuitive visual design. We power hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and other organizations with task-driven applications to help them reduce readmissions, balance costs and improve outcomes.


Pandora X developers bring in years of professional experience (on average) with projects of various scope and size, including large-scale B2C/B2B initiatives. We cover every stage of mobile application development: from drawing up a specification – through UI design, app development and quality assurance – to deployment and publishing on the markets.


If you are looking for a long-term partner to implement innovative ideas that will provide your customers with additional value and differentiate your business in a tough competitive environment, Pandora X is your outstanding choice.


We assist in all the aspects of virtualisation from IT infrastructure assessment and gap analysis, infrastructure planning and design, financial analysis, implementation and migration to ongoing management and maintenance.


Pandora X technology expertise and automation strategy knowledge empowers Pandora X to provide customers with the first-class consulting services. This ensures improved business efficiency, increased cost-effectiveness and risk mitigation.


Pandora X Independent Quality Assurance allows for better control of the quality of the application; makes the evaluation of the product’s compliance with the original requirements easy and fast and provides an insight to the product’s convenience for end-users.


Pandora X offers a set of value-added services to improve your all round software security and resolves security issues early in the development process to minimise these risks.


With Pandora X, you can fully rely on our team to take care of your customer needs. We ensure all round, top-notch user experience for you and your clients; from customer issue management to technical support.

Pandora Care Management System

Pandora is a fully integrated system for care management, ensuring full processes of all departments that are integral to running an organisation in the care industry. From hospitals to Residential Care homes, this system will allow you to ensure all processes within healthcare organisation sync together.

Custom CRM development to meet your needs

We will work with you every step of the way to create a CRM for your business. By learning your company’s work flows, business models, processes, we will build a system custom tailored to your specifications. We have the core of our CRM and lead tracking logic setup, so building a custom crm solution is not as time consuming or expensive as you might think. Think of the employee training time alone that you will save, as your employees already know how your business operates.

ERP Software on the cloud increases your profit

At Pandora X, we recognize that every business has a set of processes that enable them to succeed – sales order processing, customer management, inventory management and more. To develop ERP solutions, we start by gaining a deep understanding of each of your critical business functions. Only then will we work to define the optimal approach to managing each function, and finally identify and apply the right technology.

Custom HRM solution to manage your humain resource

Your company will reduce in value if you don’t arrange to manage your workforce more productively. An HRM solution will help you boost employee capacity because it enables you to conduct more accurate and timely performance estimate, integrating an HRM system with your enterprise will let you begin using best practices on a persistent basis and develop processes to create programs and define policies that bring out the best in each of your workers, managing your human capital can be nearly impossible without collecting data on your new appoint and current employees to gauge their fertility and other performance measurements.

Mobile Solutions

We build powerful custom mobile applications for iPhone/iPad and Android Mobile tailored to your needs within budget and on time, We have rich expertise on hardware and software deployment including cloud based enterprise architecture, hosting, mobile security and mobile device management, We can help you build personalized and involved apps that address your unique business requirements.