Uludağ Bilişim is a software company that has been designing, setting up and directing Information Systems to the health sector since 2002 and carrying out the service and support services of these systems.

It observes and analyzes the wishes and requirements of the healthcare sector from the day it was established to this day; Uludağ Bilişim, which has developed projects by adding its own experience and knowledge to the results, is a solution center with “Software Products” which has high quality of technology.

Our country has all of the current problems of the health system; Thanks to the advanced technology used and our experts with long experience in this sector, exact solutions are presented. After long analysis, all problems of hospitals, laboratories, family health centers, provincial health directorates and public health directorates were identified and very different solution approaches were developed by blending the most reasonable aspects of solutions to these problems with our software specialists and health system employees and franchisees.

All local health units (Ministry of Health, SSI, Hospitals, Clinics, Health Directorates, Family Health Centers, Laboratories, Revolving Fund Accountants) have developed localized local applications that use all the advantages of the same spoken language (XML) and internet. These applications do not only require the needs of local needs such as billing, illegal patients, integrated hospital units, create all the statistical data that can be generated from the recorded data, and play an important role as it becomes the backbone of the management decision-making mechanism. Hospitals can go far beyond struggling with daily problems and develop themselves in the light of scientific data obtained by regressions of past data, such as future analyzes, predictions.

Family Medicine Information Management System (NBYS), “OSGB, Workplace Medicine, Workplace Health and Safety Information Management System” (NBYSISG), Clinical Medicine Information Management System (DehaNET), Hospital Information Management System (DehaHBYS) www.asmmiz.com) software, health institutions and organizations, Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Evaluation System (Qbuton), producing solutions for all sectors, continues to contribute to informatics.

The commercial goal of Uludağ Bilişim is to be a firm that is known throughout the country not with “Ads to Build” but “with Finished Works” and in all possible fields of public or state-owned enterprises and all innovative solutions in the private sector.