BUTECH is a software cluster established by 34 IT companies in Bursa at the Ulutek Technopark Development Region and involved in the Improvement of Competitiveness in Services Sector Project which is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Turkish Republic.


The companies that involved in this cluster project, are generally innovative and rapidly rising enterprises.


In addition to developing the following software, the companies give consultancy and education of their products:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • MRP (Material Requirement Planning)
  • Hospital information system
  • Family physician information system
  • PLM (Product Life Cycle Management)
  • Quality management systems for ISO 9001 and IATF 16949
  • Science center management system
  • Itinerary, online ticket selling, campaign and passenger management software
  • Business applications
  • Business intelligence and management information systems
  • Document archive systems
  • Production management and surveillance system
  • Workbench automation system
  • Visual analysis and automation system
  • E-commerce software
  • Barcode applications

In addition to these products, the companies in the cluster have continuing innovation and R&D projects.


The software companies have products and solutions for these sectors:

  • Health
  • Textile
  • Die manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Interior design and panel furniture manufacturing
  • Electronic and machinery

The companies in the cluster have a close relationship with the industry and services sectors. Being experienced in these sectors make us develop successful applications.

We create a strong value chain.


The companies in BUTECH feel the need of more powerfully acting together by using the power, experience, innovation and know how they have gained from the developed software and completed projects.

In the last decades, incredible improvement in Internet and the world wide communication forces us to make international trade and cooperation in the software sector.

In IT sector, creating international cooperations and widening the influence area is easier than in the other business sectors. The most applicable way of this is coming together and benefiting from the international synergy.

In this cluster, we come together and we want to;

  • Cooperate with the whole world
  • Improve the two way trade
  • Be innovative for making the world more liveable and sustainable

We are open to discuss and take concrete steps about all suggestions, project ideas, cooperations and activities.