Business Model Canvas Training Was Held for BUTECH Cluster Members Companies

Business Model Canvas training was held for BUTECH Cluster members companies. It was explained that it is possible to stand out from the competition by developing a business model in training. In the training, companies were informed about how the business model should be set up and the advantages it will provide.

During the two-day training, Ventures & Mentors League founder and CEO Ufuk Batum stated that he has been in Bursa many times through various institutions and has been following the ecosystem closely, and expressed his pleasure to see ULUTEK Technopark has shown great progress in recent years. Emphasizing that very valuable companies within the BUTECH Cluster have very qualified projects, Ufuk Batum emphasized that the success of ULUTEK Technopark has increased with the clustering strategy and pointed out that this is an indication that ULUTEK is on the right track.