Bizpark is a Microsoft Business Partner which has expertise in Customer Relationship Management  in Bursa.

Our company had been founded in 2009, has many succesfull projects in different kind of sectors. Bizpark presents Customer Relationship Solutions, Document Management Systems, Electronic Forms, Workflow Management, Corporate Intranet ,Corporate Report / Dashboard, Mobile Applications Development and custom software projects to customers.

Bizpark has also profession on Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Power BI programs and also develops analysis and solutions on Office 365. There are Human Resources, CRM, Pre-accountancy and Project Management products which work on Office 365.

Bizpark has started to invest the high technologic products by named Bizpark Labs  for last 3 years. Also has been working on Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Hologram Solutions, Embedded Softwares and Electronic Circuit Designing with ARM Processors. Bizpark is one of the development business partner for Microsoft Hololens, Turkey. Many kind of projects which are seen in the future vision projects (especially the mixed reality) are made at Bizpark and also these projects are experienced in different kind of platforms. There are R&D improvements that work for Medical and Defense systems.

Business Solutions

  • Real-Estate Sales & Marketing & Service Systems
  • Vendor, Contract ve Juristical Management
  • Call Center Management Systems
  • Logistic Management
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Intranet Systems for Corporates
  • Electronic Document Management System
  • Workflow Management
  • Document Management System  (ISO 9001 Accredite)
  • Mobile Business Apps



Future Warfare Clothes with Electronic Embodiments

Electronic Helmet System and Titanium Skeleton System

Hologram City

This city is the existing environment which is scanned & modeled by mixed reality systems that provides you to walk around in the streets and also let you to shrink / enlarge or rotate the area by the Rotator Device which is made by Bizpark.The most important property is to be used in existing environmet and do not causes any kind of healty problems.

Virtual Surgery

Holographic Surgery Simulation