Guncel AR-GE develops IT solutions, inclusive of hardware and software. We have a wide variety of products of ERP systems, Cloud Platforms, Mobile Application and IoT solutions for managing and monitoring production centers, collecting data from machines, managing and reporting financial data.

Our team consists of engineers who deal with analysis, development, implementation and after sales support of software systems; prototyping, testing and development of hardware devices.

We are mostly targeting Production industries of Textile and Automotive. We also have management and reporting systems for real estate services sector.


  • Leo Textile: ERP Software for Textile Industry
  • Loom Monitor: Software for collecting and monitoring production data
  • Kendin Yönet: Facility Management Software
  • Custom Software Solutions for Automotive and other sectors

Leo-Textile- ERP Software for Textile Industry

We experienced individual & integrated textile industries listed below ;

  • Yarn Productions
    • Spun Yarn Production (Ring, Open End, Vortex)
    • Continue Filament Yarn Production (POY, FDY, CF, BCF)
    • Additional Yarn Productions (Texturizing, Twisting, Two For One Twisting, Fancy Twisting, Split)
    • Yarn Dyeing Productions (Cheese Dyeing, Hank Dyeing, Degrade Dyeing)
  • Weaving Preparation Productions
    • Direct Warping Production (Beaming, Sizing, Warp Joining)
    • Sectional Warping Production
    • Warp Dyeing Production
      • Rope Dyeing Production (Ball Warping, Rope Dyeing, Re-Beaming, Sizing)
      • Slasher Production (Direct Warping, Slasher (Warp Dyeing And Sizing))
    • Warp Knitting Productions
      • Single-Double Needle Bar Production
    • Weaving Productions
      • Dobby Weaving (Clothing, Upholstery, Drapery, Denim Fabric productions)
      • Jacquard Weaving ((Clothing, Upholstery, Drapery productions)
      • Circular Weaving
      • Special Productions
        • Terry Productions
        • Velvet  Fabric productions
      • Knitting Productions
        • Circular Knitting
        • Warp Knitting
      • Finished Fabric Productions
        • Finishing Preparation Production (Caustification (Mercerized), Bleaching, Scouring, Desizing)
        • Dyeing Productions (Batch (Jet) Dyeing, Open Width Dyeing, Continue Dyeing, Jig, Blow, Pad-Batch, Sample Dyeing) [All Dye Classes ; Direct, Reactive, Acid, Disperse, Vat, Sulphur]
        • Printing Productions (Rotation, Digital, Transferred Printing)
        • Finishing Productions (Dry And Wet Finish, Stenter, Burn Out, Smog, Raising, Calender, Coating, Lamination Productions)
      • Apparel Productions
        • Terry Towel Apparel Productions (Cutting and Sewing)
        • Outsource Clothing Productions
        • Home Textiles Apparel
        • Assortment packaging
      • Outsource Productions
        • Outsource Yarn Productions
        • Outsource Warping Productions
        • Outsource Weaving and Knitting Productions
        • Outsource Finishing Productions
      • Quality Control
        • Yarn Quality Controls
        • Raw (Greige) Fabric Quality Control
        • Finished Fabric Quality Control
        • Fabric Mapping Process (Quality Control and Packing)
        • Purchase and Outsource Goods Stock-In Controls
        • Production Process Control Issues (Yarn, Finished Fabric)

Loom Monitor: Software for collecting and monitoring production data

Loom Monitor Software using for monitoring Weaving & Knitting machines. Wireless Iot Interfaces collect data from all machine types.

All machine stops (warp, weft, manual, etc.) automatically taken by Iot Interfaces. Various stop causes can be defined. Shift and staff declarations are reported by RFID Readers. By Moisture & temperature censors in each machine Iot Interfaces, record with every stop.

Viewing of Production, Stoppage, Efficiency & Speed Information on the machine.

Length of Fabric produced, Length of Warp Beam, Detailed Fabric Roll Stops.

Comparison reports on Machine, Weavers, Shifts, etc., Exception Reports on Efficiency, Production & Stoppage Limits

Kendin Yönet: Facility Management Software

This product is mainly used for managing large Residential Complexes. Each Complex has a manager and minimum of 100 residents. Managers provide all financial and management data to Kendin Yonet and share with residents. Residents can contact to managers and other users (within their complex) for financial, administrative and social reasons.

We have 100.000 active users from 500 Residential Complexes.

Online Financial Banking transactions automatically taken by web services. All income & outcome receipts automatically recorded by system.

Custom Software Solutions for Automotive and other sectors

Our Services

We provide software and consultancy services to leading companies in the automotive industry. We have developed over 100 special applications that integrated into existing ERP systems.

Some of our projects;

  • Apparel Productions
  • VIN Management and Printing
  • Prediction of future orders and supply, based on past period data, of option requests
  • AS-RS Warehouse Automation
  • Kanban System for All Production Line.
  • Odetto Label Printing Application for All Suppliers –
  • Tracking of Vehicle Road Tests

Supplier Workbook

The Company will keep up-to-date information on the following issues in this system.

  1. Brand-Product-Model Matrix of parts supplied without charge.
  2. Company organization structure and access information of the forms.
  3. All technical and commercial contracts made with the Company
  4. Main Brand commodity information about the company
  5. Company Quality performance information
  6. Company logistics information
  7. Price and cost information about the parts of the company. This data will be moved to this system with the interface from the main system.

Vehicle Development Cycle Management

The Development cycle of all parts of Vehicle and Vehicle; Reasons for Change, Versions, Development stages, development work, costs and general financial effects, Approval processes, pictures, supplier information, plan and production periods and all other processes are followed by this application.