About Us

Kesif Smart Technologies Inc. was established in 2013 in Uludag University in accordance with the legislation of R & D company in Ulutek Technology Development Zone.
In today’s economy, one of the biggest benefits of the inter-sectoral competition environment is that firms have to increase their competitiveness level, the necessity of being a follower of the technology that is being renewed every day, and the renewal process has to repeat itself continuously. Kesif Smart Technologies Inc. in this context, it has started to work with an understanding that refreshes itself every day and takes advantage of what technology brings and it will continue to exist with this understanding. Although it is a medium-sized enterprise, it has never given up its reputation and principles in software and consulting sector in a short time, thanks to its commitment to quality and hard accomplishment from the moment it was founded. The firm’s unchanging principles have beeninnovative,responsibleandtrustworthy,accuracy,customerfocusandexpert.

Expert Staff

Kesif Smart Technologies Inc. first of all, we are a company that believes in human investment. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest technology by taking care that our personnel are highly competent in their expertise and by contributing to their continuous development. We can make a difference with our product diversity and unique architecture by taking as many different software-mechanical-electronic specialists as possible.

Quality And Trust

Research shows that a quarter of the software solutions offered to customers today fail, while a higher percentage do not provide customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are proud to have achieved 100% success with the solutions we have provided so far. When we reach this success rate, the importance of quality as a company plays an important role. We consider it a necessity that the solutions we offer as performance, convenient, scalable, flexible, sustainable, reliable and secure. For this reason, unfortunately, many industry actors neglect the tests before presenting to the customer, we always apply our solutions. We can offer high quality products by applying functional, unit, behavior, integration, system and acceptance tests on our solutions through DevOps processes.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Solutions for All Your Needs Mobile technology provides convenience to people with voice communication only and people can do their jobs in every aspect of life through this technology both very fast becomes independent of the place. With the increase in smart mobile devices, the increasing availability of Wi-Fi and 4.5G, and the fact that mobile devices are starting to have powerful navy hardware as well as computers, the virtual environment has shifted rapidly toward the mobile sector. This enables mobile technology to appeal to a wider audience day by day, while manufacturers are also encouraging solutions. As Arge, our team of mobile software experts will answer all sorts of mobile needs on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS platforms. we aim to be one step ahead by producing solutions.

E-Commerce Software Development

E-commerce is the easiest and most economical way to present your products to your customers in today’s technology. Your products can be watched and sold instantly by your customers 24 hours a day. E-commerce systems with attractive features for both the seller and buyer are increasingly important every day We are helping you make the right moves by preparing the right e-commerce platforms for your business.

Web Based Projects

Web Based Projects for Accurate, Flexible, Fast Solutions
We aim to deliver your projects by directing your projects with our expertise in software projects, our project management abilities and our software development experience we have been working on for years. To provide you with the best solution, we analyze your needs and business processes , determine the scope, and start developing software after functional analysis. When the development process and tests are completed, we start the customer approval process by providing training on usage. When 100% success is achieved during the test phases, we have activated the application and delivered it to you to complete the content. After commissioning, our work is not finished, while waiting for the problems encountered, we include the requests for changes from you in the project.

Corporate Software Development

Enterprise software is a given to the whole of the programs that are used for work such as modeling general business practices and organizational structure which are not aimed at individuals, especially institutions and private enterprises. The software must address a problem at the enterprise level or contribute to the productivity and productivity of the institution.
Kesif as R & D ; Nowadays, it is important to be able to develop and provide continuous services in line with web based and mobile devices in order to make enterprise software accessible from everywhere. For this reason, we place great emphasis on software services in these two areas

Electronic Card Design

Electronic card design; preliminary study, preparation, simulation, drawing of printed circuit board, prototype of electronic board, assembly of circuit elements and test of product. In addition to designing our own products for this purpose in the R&D of our company, we also provide sector specific electronic card design service that other companies need. Our electronic card designing groups; Power Electronics, Industrial Automatic Control, Motor Drivers, SMPS, Industrial Operator Panels, Speed Control.

-Making custom designs for the company,
-To follow the technological developments continuously and reflect on our designs, to highlight the difference of our customers, to make the right design the first time and every time.,
-With the benefit / cost approach, we provide our customers with various and economic options.

Embedded System Design

We design and manufacture high-capacity embedded systems by using 8-16-32 bit STM, TI, Microchip microprocessors, 2.5”-7” displays, ADC-DAC integrals and circuits, PWM signals, UART-SPI-IIC-can-Ethernet communication protocols, FAT32storageunits.
We develop and implement embedded software that will run on these embedded systems. By connecting theseunitstogether, wecreate systemswithcomprehensive architectures.

Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic card design; pre-study, projecting, simulation, printing circuit drawing, prototype of electronic card, Assembly of circuit elements and testing of the product after passing stages in the form of ready-to-produce documentation is ready.
In addition to designing our own products for this purpose within R & D company, we also provide special electronic card design services for the sector needed by other companies. Electronic card design our groups consist of Power Electronics, Industrial automatic control, motor drivers, SMPS, Industrial operator panels, Speed control, etc.

Testing and Analysis Services

Material testing and analysis is the process of testing and analysis of materials and products in accordance with the relevant standard code specification in order to ensure product quality and safety. Kesif R & D offers solutions for the following material tests.

-Tensile testing Printing tests testing tests fatigue testing
-Verification of test and finite element analysis data bending tests
-Impact test

Engineering Analysis and Calculations

It is our main aim to minimize the risks by using different methods in addition to the simulation of the structural and computational fluid dynamics before the products and mechanical systems designed as the company are manufactured.

Rapid Prototyping

As Kesif R &D;
Time : to reduce the product development process
Cost : to reduce part cost and product development cost Quality : to create a higher quality product
In less time, the cheaper, better quality functional and concept prototype parts can be produced.

Manufacturing by 3D Printer
-Why Kesif R & D?
-Can the 3D printer also take the place of the plastic injection part you are producing?
-Plastic parts in the manufacture of 3D printers cheaper, high quality and fast if not a plastic injection machine?
-Are you cheaper and faster with the Plastic Test kit 3D Printer you need in the product development process?
-How is customer-focused production achieved with 3D Printer?

Mechanical Design

The suitability of the designed and developed products to the target group, appearance and the like. the elements are determined in the industrial design phase. Rapid maturation of the product in the process,the contribution of the mechanical designer is to reveal the right product and product characteristics. Mechanical Design is perhaps the most important part of the product development process.
In the beginning, the details of the future product of the product will be discussed with the industrial designer. Then ,elements such as examining manufacturing-production criteria have a serious precaution in the process. The choice of software used in mechanical design phase is very important.As Kesif research & development, it enables the product to be used with high technology to be developed in a short time in experienced hands in a 3D environment.