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About us

Since 2016, Turkey Electronics R & D to meet the needs of electronic design and software in the industry, our industry and our nation needed to produce advanced technologies in order UU has started its activities in technology development zones.
KUL Electronic Technologies, which makes a wide range of designs, internet-based wired or wireless communication (802.11b / g / n, GSM / GPRS, WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth etc.) telemetry and scada systems, all kinds of sensor-based data collection systems, CCD / He studies subjects such as CMOS based camera designs, embedded operating system development (RTOS), 2D / 3D signal and image processing, power electronics, force measurement systems.
It develops web or java based custom software on Windows / Linux / Android operating systems for PC based or embedded systems.
In addition to this, it also operates and consults in design consultancy required for certificates such as EMC, FCC CE compliance, energy management systems, solar energy (Solar cell / Solar power plant), wind energy, agricultural projects, forest fire early warning systems and environmental projects.
Our mission is to reduce foreign dependency by developing all kinds of special electronic solutions.
Its vision is to transform the developments in digital technologies into creative solutions that will add value to human life and to offer them to the service of our people. It serves in a closed area of ​​130m2 and a total area of ​​~ 250m2.



Our Products

IoT Based Power Distribution Unit (IoT-PDU)

Finalized Product, and already selling

Key words,
1- Smart Energy Metering and controlling with Extended Networking Capabilities.
2- IoT-PDU monitoring and management was moved to the cloud to provide greater energy savings and management.

IP-based smart sensors for energy metering and efficient HVAC infrastructure in buildings

Finalized Product,

1- HVAC systems are responsible for 15 to 60% of the total energy consumption of a building, depending on its intended use. Effective and efficient utilization of energy and the reduction of energy losses are of particular importance in this regard. In recent years, studies examining the HVAC system parameters for reducing energy consumption have revealed the need for higher performance regarding the temperature, capacity and control strategies in the resulting systems

ADMA Agricultiral smart metering and big Data management

The products which we have been working on it is defined «Agricultural Data Collection/Process Center&Early Warning» and it is an artificial intelligence sistem predictable.
Started Project from 2004 and GSM-RDAS-03 is the first version which is prepared for the precaution of freezing. It was located in the cherry gardens of company ALARA Fruit and Arboriculture which has 50 million USD Budget per year. The system sends the warning due to parametric values and meteorological parameters of cherry trees. Especially the forst in cherry fruit causes %20 yield loss and this situation indicates the matter of precaution.

ADMA Agriculture With Multi Node Sensor detail for click.

Chicken royal live weighing Unit

The product designed for live weighning measurement with multiple aceess and extended network capabilities.

It performs the processes of controlling the health of the chickens while wandering, monitoring the environmental conditions, and measuring their weight while wandering. It is the final product and marketed.

Chicken Royal brochure for click.

For the developing technology and technology, heavy vehicles are used to transport products from one place to another in terms of logistics and to transport large quantities of products by road. Heavy vehicles have high weight and high acceleration. Stopping vehicles moving with this acceleration is the product of a highly complex and intensive mathematical algorithm sequence. This braking process is controlled by the system consisting of microcontroller-based electronic circuits and sensors such as EBS (Electronic Brake System) and APM (Air Pressure Unit) on the vehicles. Braking systems are driven and controlled by 2 companies that hold 98% of the world market.
By using the national facilities of these braking systems in the country, our company offers products that have high added value and can gain significant shares in the market. There are 5 major brands that use these braking systems. These brands are FORD, VOLVO, RENAULT, SCANIA, MERCEDES. PCB Designs, Embedded system software and test stages of these high-tech systems are carried out one by one and subjected to tests on the vehicle.


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