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About us

To share our experiences and knowledge about Quality and Productivity Management, Sigma Center was found in 1999 in Bursa, Turkey and;

-In 2001, acredited by KOSGEB,
-In 2005, get trade mark as Sigma Center©,
-In 2005, opened Izmit Office,
-In 2006, opened Istanbul Office,
-In 2008, accredited by TURQUALITY,
-In 2010, get consultancy certificate of TSE 13078 and TSE 13082 standards,
-In 2011, acredited by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy,
-In 2012, acredited by EBRD (European Bank for Reconsruction and Development).


ULUTEK TECHNOPARK – Floor: 1, Nu: 114

Our Products


Sigma Akademi is an online training platform to provide companies and individuals training that can be reached anywhere, anytime. Our aim is to reach everyone all over Turkey now and all over the world in the future. Our specialists prepare trainings and share their expertise through the platform and also our platform is used by other people who wants to share their knowledge and sell their trainings.


ALTASOFT was developed by our specialist specifically according to ISO 9001 standard. SigmaCenter has been training and consulting companies for over 17 years and is experienced in different fields. We unite all our knowledge in different sectors and standards to develop ALTASOFT software. ALTASOFT has different modules for document management, process management, meeting management etc. our aim is to simplify ISO 9001 standard requirements at companies and make it more practicable. Now we are also developing ALTASOFT Automotive and Lean Management modules and we are planning to develop ALTASOFT hospital in 2019.