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About us

Founded in January 2000,TURKTICARET.Net is  a  the first b2b marketplace of Turkey.

Over years, in addition to becoming the largest b2b marketplace of the country, it turned out into an industry leader by offering value added services to its customers such as Internet services, trademark registration services, software services, advertising Technologies and video conference.
Turkticaret.net performs domain registration. It transmits the registration of domain and information of the domain that the customers want to buy to registration platforms and It ensures that domains are registered with customers information. Except domain service, Turkticaret.net offers many internet services.  Such as hosting, server, trademark and patent registration services, website services, e-mail, e-mail marketing service.


ULUTEK TECHNOPARK – Next to the R&D building

Our Products


THEADX is a self-manage DSP platform that enables advertisers, to collect the most suitable digital inventory from multiple SSP platform and to enter the auction simultaneously. It brings together advertisers with multiple ad exchanges, publishers and SSP (Supply Side Platform) on a single platform. The difference of DSP from other advertising services is that it ensures maximum benefit to advertisers by minimizing the difficulty. With the own RTB structure, advertisers can send offers with instant auctions to purchase the ad spaces which located on the publishers’ websites, and they can ensure that their ads are published when they win the auction.


THEADX EXPORT provide the trade data all around the world yearly bases to review targeted markets and grow export. Examine the import volumes of the countries, the types of products they import with concrete data presented by THEADX Export and show your ads to the companies you want to reach. It offers the opportunity to make detailed market analysis to the companies that currently export and intend to start exporting.  With the own artificial intelligence algorithm, it determines the location of the importer companies from all countries. THEADX Export provide online tools to create digital media plan and display and video advertising campaigns with the location targeting.   Our export technology consultants are with you from the first step to creating a media plan and advertising campaigns.


Web.tv offers many video useful solutions such as; video conferencing, live broadcast, web.tv video channel, video live support system, event planning to meet business needs and individual needs, from education sector to law offices, e-trade sites and many other sectors. Users can use the conference and live broadcasting system from their web.tv channel created with their own names. They can also use the conference system by integrating it into their websites via the API.


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