Within the scope of the HİSER project named “ULUTEK ICT Cluster”, supported by the “Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey” and carried out under the leadership of ULUTEK Technopark, BUTECH cluster carried out a series of visits and meetings in Azerbaijan between 7th -10th May 2024.

ULUTEK Technopark ICT Cluster (BUTECH) companies held institution visits and company meetings in Azerbaijan with a delegation of 15 people in order to develop their cooperation in Azerbaijan.

Within the scope of the program, ULUTEK Management and company officials came together with the “Republic of Turkey Ambassador to Baku Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cahit Bağcı”, Chief Commercial Counselor Ahmet Erdal and Defense Industry Counselor İlker Türköz, and discussed the current situation with Azerbaijan in the fields of information technology and digital transformation. They exchanged views on cooperation opportunities and opportunities.

Visits were made to the Azerbaijan-Turkey Businessmen’s Association, Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Agency, National Entrepreneurs Confederation Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Bilişim Vadisi Baku Campus, and cooperation discussions were held throughout the day.


Drawing attention to the importance of Azerbaijan activities in terms of expanding the business network of companies in the region, ULUTEK Technopark General Manager Prof. Dr. İrfan Karagöz said, “We attach importance to the activities carried out within the scope of the ULUTEK ICT Cluster HİSER project, the second of which we are carrying out with the support of our Ministry of Commerce, and we support our companies. In line with the road map we have determined for BUTECH, we have carried out many training and consultancy activities, as well as international promotion and marketing activities. We have warm relations with Azerbaijan, and we aim to turn this into an opportunity to increase the activities of our companies in this geography and contribute to the increase of our technology exports. Within the scope of the visit, we made visits focused on diplomacy and business world and evaluated cooperation opportunities by bringing our companies together with companies in Azerbaijan. As a result of the program, we were very pleased that our companies had positive impressions and meetings that turned into business. We aim to increase the export capacity of our companies by continuing such programs. The support of our Ministry of Commerce is extremely valuable in the realization of such activities, and these supports serve as a very important leverage for our companies to enter the market. For this reason, we would like to thank our Ministry of Commerce.” he said.